Running a business with seasonal requirements or labour intensive processes can take the focus away from core operations and overall performance, if not managed effectively.

We support business owners and senior managers to identify, design and outsource key segments of business process that are more efficiently operated by a casual or temporary labour force.

Specialising in 3rd party Warehousing, Transport, Logistics, Venue Management and Customer Service we partner with you to oversee all aspects of planning, recruitment, management, reporting and control of the team working on your site:

  • Planning – Site diagnostic and client needs assessment, aligned KPIS – costing and implementation
  • Recruitment – Leveraging our extensive Jobseeker database and individual recruitment where needed based on client requirements
  • Training – oversight of site specific personnel training where needed
  • Payroll - administrative responsibility for all payroll liabilities such as superannuation, workers compensation, payroll tax, dispersing payment summaries and other employer related obligations
  • Work Health And Safety on site - Induction, training and supervision of
  • Client Feedback – periodic reporting, KPI performance, issue resolution, feedback implementation
  • Day to day personnel management tasks - Metro staff on site to manage, direct and co-ordinate with team leaders

Metro provide us with an excellent level of service & I have no hesitation in recommending their business to other organisations."

Metro Client testimonial